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What our students say!

We regularly ask our students to give us feedback, rate their progress and to tell us what they think about the advanced English lessons, the units in the advanced English course, and the pronunciation programs.

This is what they tell us.

Students consistently report high levels of satisfaction with the lessons, course and programs.

Students consistently report, right from the start, that their comprehension, listening, vocabulary and grammar is improving.

Some recent (unedited) feedback:

“I feel that I was able to understand the language and grammar in every lesson.”

 “I like that I was able to learn how to analyse throughout the unit and being able to improve my grammar.”

 “Everything is good.”

“Amazing explanation! Thank you”

“I love your lesson. I always have a problem with consonant sound but when i was learning your lesson, i can understand and know how to speak correct pronunciation.”

“Thank you for your advice. Your videos are very helpful for students or people who are interested in English. Then, I will attempt to study hard and also practice your exercises.”

“Thank you, thank you Dr Norman. I love everything about your course. Your advice was very helpful.”

“I was attending lots of English classes, but I felt like I was not moving. You really helped me get past this. I am very pleased with how my writing and speaking has improved.”

“Thank you for helping me. You are so encouraging. I now understand the mistakes I make in English. Even better, I now know how to correct them.”

“Thanks so much for this wonderful course. My listening has improved so much. Not only do I understand more, but I can now hear all the words people say in sentences. Improving this skill has improved my English throughout.”

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