Advanced English Learning
Offering members an Advanced English Course, Pronunciation Programs and Advanced English 'spot' Lessons.

The 'Spot' Advanced English Lessons

Introduction to the spot advanced English lessons

These 'spot' advanced English lessons are designed to be short fun ways to learn additional advanced grammar, vocabulary and phraseology. These lessons supplement our Advanced English Course.

When you become a full member of Advanced English Learning you can choose any lesson you like, any time you like.

New spot lessons are regularly added so that you can keep improving your English!

What you will learn

Each spot advanced English lesson uses video to demonstrate an advanced English concept in action.

This could be:

  • A particular grammar point
  • A particular way to organise ideas
  • Use of particular vocabulary
  • Use of particular phrases
  • Preparation for proficiency testing

How long the advanced English lessons take

Each advanced English lesson takes just 10 – 15 minutes!

You can do any spot lesson you like, any time you like.

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