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Top 10 tips for learning English online to an advanced level

By Dr Norman

So you’ve decided to take an online advanced English course. This is an important step that will require your time and devotion. How can you make the best of this experience so that you can see real improvement and success? These 10 useful tips for learning English online will help you get there!

1.      Organise a dedicated work space

Make sure you have a space to do your work. Studying is like a job. You have a space to do your work, to keep all your study materials, and to pin up notes, ideas and suggestions. Make sure that this space is quiet and is yours only!

2.      Get your technology working

It is worth spending some initial time on getting all the necessary technology working before you start studying.

3.      Set up regular study times

This is one of the most important things to do. When you study online, it can be easy to ‘miss class’ or to delay study.

4.      Use the course to your advantage

The course is for you, so make the most of it.

5.      Spend more time on the things you need to do

Every course will have some things that are harder for you to do and some things that are easier. The beauty of the online environment is that you can spend more time on some things and less time on others.

6.      Don’t rush

Sometimes we can be tempted to rush through a lesson or rush from one lesson to the next. Really take your time to get the most out of what you are learning.

7.      Give yourself time to breathe

Some online courses let you go at your own pace. You can do lessons at any time you like. Make sure that you allow a day or two between lessons. This gives your brain a chance to absorb what you are learning.

8.      Use feedback for learning

Good online courses will give you useful feedback along the way. Use this feedback to do more than just check if you are right. Use it for learning.

9.      Ask and you will be rewarded

Are you getting stuck, frustrated, or unsure, then ask!

10.    Go beyond the lessons

The lessons in a course give you a framework for learning, but being successful in English requires you to go beyond what is in the lessons. Good courses will give you suggestions for things you can do to take your English even further, like suggest books or magazines to read, or shows to watch on TV.  See my blog articles on how to improve your reading comprehension and how to improve your listening so that you can make the most of these opportunities.

If you have the right advanced English course and teacher, then using these 10 tips for learning English online will get you the success you need. See my blog articles on how to choose the right course and the right teacher for you.

7th November 2016

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