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Advanced English Course, Pronunciation and Spot Lessons

Become a full member of Advanced English Learning and learn English step by step in our carefully developed advanced English course online, and get extra help when you need it. If you need more practice pronouncing certain English sounds, help is there in a pronunciation program. If you want to learn more about specific points of grammar or vocabulary in English, just look at our 'spot' advanced English lessons. Even more, you can learn online with our unique video and audio lessons any time and any place with Dr Norman.

Do you want to:

  • to learn English as a second or additional language?
  • to improve your English speaking, listening, reading, writing or pronunciation to an advanced level?
  • to learn advanced English grammar, vocabulary, and phraseology?
  • to put in the time, to work hard and to learn English online?
  • do university study in English?
  • work as an English speaking professional?
  • have in-depth conversations in English?  

We can help you reach your goals! 

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Advanced English Course

Learn English grammar, vocabulary and comprehension in this fully integrated course.

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Pronunciation Programs

Speak clearly with 12 pronunciation programs covering 20 English sounds. Take daily steps to clarity.

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Advanced English Spot Lessons

These are 10 - 15 minute advanced English grammar and vocabulary  lessons. Choose any one you like!

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