Advanced English Learning
Offering members an Advanced English Course, Pronunciation Programs and Advanced English 'spot' Lessons.

Membership Benefits

When you join and become a full member of Advanced English Learning, it will feel like Dr Norman is by your side!

Learn with Dr Norman and get all these member benefits!

Full Member Benefits - An Advanced English Course

This course will take your English from an intermediate or upper-intermediate level to an advanced level with:

  • 36 lessons that you can do at your own pace at any time
  • 72 - 90 hours of learning (each lesson takes about 2 - 2.5 hours to complete)
  • Members' only audio and video lessons with answer sheets
  • Members' only worksheets that create your own grammar book
  • Members' only grammar editing tips
  • Progress certificates
  • Completion certificate

Full Member Benefits - Pronunciation Programs

Develop skills to improve your everyday speech with:

  • Twelve 4 week pronunciation programs
  • Daily 10 - 15 minute lessons
  • Members' only audio and video lessons
  • Completion certificates

Full Member Benefits - Spot Advanced English Lessons

These 'spot' advanced English lessons let you focus on extra areas of learning.

  • 10 - 15 minute lessons that you can do any time
  • Members' only support sheets
  • Members' only video lessons
  • New lessons are added regularly so that you can keep learning

Full members also get

  • Member's only newsletters with updates and useful tips for learning
  • Member's only learning support materials
Advanced English Learning is not accepting new members at the moment.

Dr Norman is by your side throughout!

Dr Norman

  • teaches every lesson,
  • takes an interest in you,
  • guides your progress, and
  • helps you reach your best.

Dr Norman's methods

  • allow you to work independently,
  • give you the skills for success, and
  • help you create your own learning program that meets your needs.

Dr Norman has designed

  • the course,
  • all of the programs,
  • each of the lessons, and
  • all of the support materials.
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