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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

How does membership work?

As soon as you join and your membership is activated, you can get started on:

  • ·         the advanced English course,
  • ·         a pronunciation program of your choice, or
  • ·         any of our advanced Spot lessons!

You can join as a trial member or a full member.

Trial membership is free. Trial members can see the full structure of the course and pronunciation programs, and are given access to the video and audio materials in selected lessons.

Full members pay for either a 6-month or a 12-month period, and get access to everything: the full advanced English course, all the pronunciation programs and all the advanced English spot lessons. This includes all the videos, the audio, the worksheets and the support sheets.

Payment is by credit card through a secure payment site. You can become a trial member first, and then change to a full paid membership. 

How do the advanced course lessons work?

In each advanced course lesson, you do exercises with Dr Norman using the worksheets, the video and the audio material provided. The exercises and lessons are carefully designed to develop your listening, grammar, vocabulary, speaking and writing skills in a step by step way.

You work at your own speed, spending more time on some parts of the lesson and less on other parts. You decide how much you need to do to gain the necessary skills.

When you become a trial member, you will be able see how everything is organised, what you will learn and how it all works.

See About Advanced Course for more information on what the course covers, and how long it takes.

How do the pronunciation programs work?

Each pronunciation program has daily lessons. Each program includes a teaching video and practice audio materials. You do exercises with Dr Norman that are carefully designed to develop your listening and your pronunciation step by step.

You decide which pronunciation program, or programs, you need to do.

See About Pronunciation Programs for more information on what the programs cover and how long it takes to do each program.

How do the advanced English spot lessons work?

Spot lessons add to your learning. These advanced English lessons are divided into themes such as how to prepare for English proficiency testing, how to develop writing that flows well, and how to use reported speech.

Each theme contains several lessons. You can choose to do all the lessons in a theme or to just do the lesson you need.

See About Spot Lessons for more information on these lessons and how long they take.

Do I need to buy a textbook or do any homework?

No! Everything you need to do is on the website and in the lessons.

How do I keep a record of my learning?

Each advanced English course lesson and spot lesson has a support sheet and/or a worksheet. As you work through the lessons, these sheets together create your very own textbook and grammar book that you can use long after you finish your membership with us.

You just need to do the exercises with Dr Norman, fill in your worksheets and keep them in a file that you can come back to anytime you like.

What equipment do I need?

You will need pen and paper, a computer or tablet, a way to record yourself and a good internet connection.

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