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About our English methods

Our Director

You deserve the best!  Our Director and principal e-teacher, Dr Norman, has the depth of knowledge, experience and passion to help you understand, control and take your English to a high level. With our online lessons, it feels like you have Dr Norman as your personal ESL English tutor by your side.

She is a qualified and experienced teacher and tutor for English as an additional (second) language and a qualified and experienced speech therapist.  She guides you through the lessons and gives you personal feedback that allows you to take control.

Her Masters and PhD research in education have given her an in-depth knowledge of the advanced English you need for studying at a university level, working as an English-speaking professional person, and having in-depth social conversations.

Good control of English doesn’t just happen with lots of study.

You need someone to guide you.

You need someone who has helped lots of students achieve a high level of English.

You need someone who knows the best ways to improve your English learning.

Dr Norman, the Director and Principal e-teacher of Advanced English Learning, is just that person.

Our methods

Dr Norman's experience and research has given her a deep understanding of the most effective techniques for teaching and learning English.

She brings to Advanced English Learning:

  • a unique method for teaching English and its grammar to an advanced level, and
  • full speech therapy programs that can really improve pronunciation.

English & Grammar method

Dr Norman's unique method for teaching advanced English and its grammar shows how the whole system works. It puts all the pieces of the grammar puzzle together with vocabulary, phraseology and the structure of advanced texts.

Students learn:

  • how English speakers put together sentences and ideas;
  • why they do it this way;
  • how to  put together their own sentences and ideas;
  • how to correct their own English speaking and writing; and
  • how to listen, analyse and learn from other English speakers.

Pronunciation method

Dr Norman has adapted useful speech therapy techniques to address the most common problems that second language speakers have speaking English clearly. Her method improves everyday speech.


  • learn how to hear and pronounce a wide range of consonants,
  • learn how to differentiate similar sounds from each other,
  • learn how to pronounce sounds in different positions with different vowels, words and sentences, and
  • get daily practice opportunities.

Dr Norman has used her powerful methods with many students from all over the world in her classes.

She has seen her students’ confidence, control and clarity in English grow in:

  • their studies,
  • their social life, and
  • their work life.

Start improving now

Dr Norman brings her successful techniques from the classroom to you.

Like many other students, you can now

  • Benefit from Dr Norman's experience and knowledge, and
  • Learn alongside Dr Norman where and when it suits you.

"The methods are clear and easy to follow. They show how English works as a whole. This really gives students an ability to manage and control their learning and their English."

Expert Teacher
United Kingdom

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