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The Advanced English Course Online

Introduction to the advanced English course

When you join as a full member of Advanced English Learning, one of the things you get is an advanced English  course with carefully designed online advanced English lessons. The course carefully draws together the structure and grammar of English with vocabulary, sounds and meaning to improve your English. It teaches advanced English in a step by step way, from one lesson to the next. This course improves your ability to truly understand what you hear and read in English.

Each lesson uses video and audio material along with specialised worksheets to improve:

  • your listening, and
  • your ability to analyse what you hear.
This gives you a framework for getting the meaning.

Each lesson also works to improve:

  • your English pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary, and
  • your ability to apply what you have learnt in your English conversation and writing.
This careful step by step approach helps you to express yourself just how you want to.

As you progress through the course, you gradually develop into an advanced English speaker and writer who can study in English at university, work as an English speaking professional, and have in-depth social conversations.

What you will learn

As you do the advanced English lessons in order, you will improve your ability to:

  • understand all the details hear and read in advanced English;
  • understand advanced English vocabulary and phraseology;
  • analyse, understand, and construct sentences with complex English grammar;
  • understand, select, and use a wide range of tenses correctly;
  • effectively use and understand both the active and passive voices;
  • analyse how connections were made between ideas in texts;
  • speak and write clearly and naturally using advanced English; and
  • analyse and effectively edit your own work.

English Levels

The course helps you to achieve an advanced level of English. 

This is equivalent to English at an overall

  • IELTS level of 6.5 - 7
  • TOEFL iBT level of 79 - 95
  • TOEFL CBT level of 213 - 240
  • TOEIC level of 605 - 780
  • CEFR of upper B2 to lower C1
The course is best suited to people who have an intermediate to upper intermediate level of English.

How long it takes to do the course

The advanced English course is made up of 36 lessons. You will need to do all the lessons in order.
Each lesson builds on what has gone before.

Everyone is different. Some people need to spend more time on one part of a lesson while others need to spend more time on another part of the lesson.

In this course, you can spend as much time as you need on each part.

In general, each lesson and its activities will take you about 2 – 2.5 hours to complete.

2 hours per week on the lessons, will take you about 36 – 45 weeks to complete the course.

3 hours per week on the lessons, will take you about 24 - 30 weeks to complete the course.

4 hours per week on the lessons, will take you about 18 - 22 weeks to complete the course.


This course has

  • progress certificates, and
  • a completion certificate.
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