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The Pronunciation Programs

Introduction to the pronunciation programs

When you join as a full member of Advanced English Learning, you can choose any of our pronunciation programs (short courses) to help you:

  • learn to hear and say specific sounds;
  • pronounce these sounds in every position in a word;
  • break bad habits such as dropping or substituting sounds; and
  • pronounce these sounds correctly without concentrating whenever you speak.

These short 4 week pronunciation programs give you the skills you need to speak clearly and easily in your everyday speech.

What you learn

Each program targets specific consonants. Using video and audio materials, you will learn:

  • how to hear and pronounce the target consonants in the program;
  • how to differentiate the target consonants from other consonant sounds;
  • how to pronounce the target consonants at the beginning, middle and end;
  • how to pronounce the target consonants with a full range of vowels; and
  • how to pronounce the target consonants in syllables, words and sentences.

These programs are very carefully structured so that you learn English pronunciation step by step.

Practise every day and you should be able to use the sound whenever you speak.

How long it takes to do a program

Each pronunciation program takes just 4 weeks of daily practice.

You simply do one 10 – 15 minute lesson each day.

It is important to practise once every day.
This will help you to pronounce the sound automatically and easily in your everyday speech.

These programs with simple daily steps can easily fit in with a busy schedule.
You could practise early in the morning, or at lunchtime, or even after you get home each day.


You can get a completion certificate for each 4 week program that you complete.

We have pronunciation programs for all these sounds

T, D, S, Z, F, V, P, B, K, G, Sh, Zh

L, W, R, Th, Ch, J, N, Ng

Each pronunciation program covers a full range of vowel sounds.

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